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Colin the Coastguard Book 1 - Colin Rescues SlippyColin the Coastguard Book 2 - Frisky Falls OverboardColin the Coastguard Book 3 - Abbie is StrandedColin the Coastguard Book 4 - Mistie Goes SailingColin the Coastguard Book 5 - Rocky Saves Solo

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Colin’s Summer Safety Posters

Colin’s child-friendly safety posters, were created to raise children’s awareness of beach safety.
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Dress-Up as Colin or Shelley

Colin and ShelleyDownload the Dress-up like Colin and Shalley activity sheet Download the Dress-up like Colin and Shalley activity sheet

Make your own Colin or Shelley costume.
Download the template and instructions below. There is a choice of pre-coloured or colouring in sheets.


Download the picture and instructions here.

Colin the Coastguard is a picture book series that has been created especially for pre-schoolers and children in their early years foundation and key stage 1. For those parents or teachers looking for examples of ‘people who help us’ the Colin the Coastguard series provides an ideal resource to explore. The picture books are full of exciting adventures and colourful illustrations, providing a wealth of ideas and inspiration.

Colin and Rocky at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall!
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